Ex-Cop & Barrister Shares Insider Info for Drink Driving Cases

You only get one chance at court! Learn the loopholes in the traffic system from an ex-cop. With 40+ years legal experience - Mark knows how to get you the best result possible.

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Our Promise

While a good lawyer might get you an average disqualification period
we aim for the minimum term EVERY time at an affordable price for everyone !

Whether this is your first offence or you have a list of 'black marks' against your record, we understand that:

  • you don't want to lose your licence
  • you don't want to have criminal convictions on your record
  • you don't want to pay massive fines and
  • you don't want to serve any time

One little technical mistake (made by a junior or paralegal) could cost you your licence, hefty fines or, worse still, lead to serving time.

We promise to provide you with the security that EVERY case is expertly researched and prepared by Mark - a 40+ year veteran of the legal system (including former Federal Police Officer & Barrister). 

Our Services

Specialty Drink & Drug Driving Services

Cost-Effective Legal Advice For Day-to-Day and Professional Drivers

Dismissals of Charges

If you've got a good driving record we can prepare cases for dismissal of your charges

Guilty Plea Defences

Pleading guilty doesn't have to mean the worst possible scenario. Let us get the best outcome possible with expert preparation, exploring all loopholes

Minimum Sentence Outcomes

Why settle for less. We aim for minimum sentence, fines and licence outcomes. Always!

Expert Case Preparation

Unlike most firms, our case preparation is done by a 40+ year veteran of law who knows the best options available! 

Listen To What Our Clients Say…
Because It’s Our Clients Welfare That Matters Most Most

George K.

I had some serious court charges & was looking at possibly losing my job after my DUI. With Marks help I only got 3 months disqualification and skipped gaol altogether.

Jenny H.

I was 16yo when I met Mr Anstee & I was scared. We had no money & my Mum's injuries were serious after the accident. Mum had a few drinks, but was charged with negligent driving and Mark quickly negotiated to have the charges withdrawn. Within 18 months Mark got me & Mum a substantial lump sum of money (we're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars) for personal injuries.Without Mark, I'd say we'd have been in a really bad place. Thank you sooo much Mark.

Alex Tees (Solicitor)

Having used Mark as a legal consultant for over 30 years I am thoroughly confident in his ability to obtain consistent, favourable results even in the most complex of cases.Mark has represented my firm well over this period.I have no hesitation in recommending you to him with his mastery of all aspects of traffic law.


Cost-Effective Legal Advice For Day-to-Day and Professional Drivers


References Only
from $347

Character and Driving expertise & experience references can mean the difference between decent outcome and a terrible one. If you're on a tight budget, this may be your best option

DIY Legal Services
from $1,250

A step up from option #1 is to  represent yourself in court, but still get the best result possible by having Mark provide full case preparation (including references) & an actionable strategy for court

Full Legal Services

from $2,500If you need the best possible result for your case and can't afford to take any chances, then this option will have Mark working with you to create a legal strategy, prepare your case & references and partner up the right legal counsel or solicitor-advocate to represent you in court.


Whether you're a regular, probationary driver (Learner/ Provisional) or professional driver we're able to help.

If you're a Mum or Dad who needs to drop your kids off at school, a long term professional driver (eg. Uber, Taxi, Bus, etc) who needs to work or already have black marks against your record - your case is in good hands.

Expert Case Preparation

While many companies hand off case preparation to junior staff. We understand & know that it's the small things that can make a big difference to the outcome of your case

Missing one tiny piece of research or specialist references could mean the difference between getting a Section 10 and losing your licence.

All of our case preparation, research and special references are handled by Mark - a 40+ year law veteran & ex-cop with the connections and expertise to make a difference.

Case Study: Drug Driving Accident
Waived Fine. No Gaol. Minimum Disqualification

Having taken 4 of his girlfriends prescription medicines and causing a serious car accident, Kevin wasn't hoping for the best.

He had a lengthy criminal history and had been in the Courts before.

Under normal circumstances Kevin would have been serving time in prison.

After assessing Kevin's case, the Court he would be attending and the possible magistrates and/or judges who might be presiding, Mark got to work expertly preparing the case.

With a lengthy criminal record, the fact that he was taking drugs illegally and the eventual crash...this made for a challenging case.

Mark stood up to the challenge. He knew exactly what references he'd need, who to get them from and what would strengthen the best outcome.

He knew that precision preparation would mean the difference between gaol time and a slap on the wrist.

After working his magic, Mark not only prevented Kevin from receiving a gaol term, he also got the hefty fine ($1,000's) waived and absolute lowest possible  disqualification.

As you can imagine, Kevin couldn't be happier. Call us if you'd like us to help give you peace of mind too.


Discover how Marks specialist drink driving legal services can put your mind at ease. Call if you'd like an estimate.


Debunking Drug & Drink Driving Myths

Q: I don't have a record so I don’t need a lawyer.

A: While it's true that having a good record helps with getting you the best possible result, you can't depend on the Magistrate being in a good guy.
With 40+ years experience in Law and as a Federal Police officer (including as a Major Crime Detective), Mark knows exactly how to get the best outcome by working with the Magistrates and, if required, appeal Judges.
What you need to ask yourself: is it really worth risking your licence & livelihood?

Q: A 'free consult' can tell me if I'll be able to 'get off' the charges.

A: Think about it. 
​Unfortunately, good advice is NEVER free. While you might be able to get a 'free consult' or 'free advice' from another law firm, ask yourself how valuable do you really think free advice is & what is their intention? (To get your business?)
Although I don't do FREE consults, my extensive experience and knowledge allows me to quickly & efficiently outline your case and it's likely outcome (keeping time charged to an absolute minimum).

Q: Lawyers just complicate the process. I'd be better off doing it myself

A: It depends on how important your licence is to you?
Do you drive regularly? Do you need it to do shopping, work or picking up the kids? If so, then I guess the question is do you really want to risk the worst potential outcomes, through ignorance of the law, procedures and protocols.


Your Drink & Drug Driving Legal Expert in Sydney

With over 40 years experience in the Australian legal system, Mark is an extremely experienced lawyer and is committed to providing affordable legal services.

Mark knows the legal system inside out - it's what makes him an industry leader.
In fact his exceptional research and legal experience has meant his services are regularly sought after by other law firms.

He worked as an Australian Federal Police Lead Investigator, a lawyer on the panel for the NSW police association and was invited to accept 'Silk' in his first year at the Bar as a Queens Counsel (the highest and most senior of legal representation positions) and received repeated offers of Senior Counsel in later years.

Mark has even worked as a UN peace keeper and provided emergency relief for the New Zealand Earthquake Commission.

With all of his professional contacts  (including Senior Prosecutors) Mark not only has the skills & experience to help you, he also has the contacts and resourcefulness to get you the best possible result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

 Will I have a criminal conviction or go to gaol?

Most of the time you won't have a criminal record, but you may have a traffic record.
Going to gaol, comes down to:

1) your previous DUIs, 2)  any drug dealing/taking offences and 3) the level of drugs or alcohol in your system:


How long will I be disqualified?

That depends on these 3 factors:
1) whether you've got a probationary licence,
2) whether you're blood alcohol was  low/high and
3) your previous traffic and criminal history.
But no matter how serious, I'll always warrant a minimum court sentence and result.

Will I go to gaol?

That comes down to:
1) your previous DUIs,
2)  any drug dealing offences or serious criminal record and
3) the level of drugs or alcohol in your system

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